MySalesDialerPro/FieldWorkMobility Features

Features in a nut-shell

MySalesDialerPro is an enterprise class Inside Sales app (for sales reps who are in the field or in the office). The app is utilized by thousands of businesses worldwide! This auto dialer is great for both inside and outside sales. As the sales reps are no longer confined to the office walls/cubicles and perform only inside sales job, instead they prefer to be on the field doing live interactions with the clients, at the same time they want powerful smart phone app to carry on all the aspects of inside sales and CRM.

MySalesDialerPro offers a complete solution that helps inside sales reps perform end-to-end sales process right from lead gen -> prospecting ->engagement -> invoicing.


1) MySalesDialerPro Mobile Application: Offers Powerful Mobile CRM with a ton of features such as Powerful Auto Dialer (with various modes and templates covering delivery of sms, mms, email, audio, video and document during call prospecting), Geo-Tracking, Intuitive Reporting with automatic capturing of every action, Financial and Accounting module. The app is fully integrated with and dashboards for reps and managers.

2) MySalesDialerPro Salesforce Application: Powerful Salesforce app available at salesforce appexchange marketplace for managers and reps to perform their sales and CRM functions. The Salesforce application is fully integrated with MySalesDialerPro mobile application.

3) dashboard: The web dashboard offers an effective way for managers to assign leads to the reps as well as seamlessly view all the activities done by reps on the field including Geo-track. The dashboard is fully integrated with MySalesdialerPro mobile application.


1)CRM Module:
• Data Sync with native address book, dashboard and portal
• CSV file based import/export of data
• Various type of templates to send text, voice, video or document to contacts
• Ability to store media (audio, video or document) by attaching or capturing, for each contact
• Task and Reminder management
• Ability to create custom lists based on various criteria
• Defined views for Clients, Leads, Prospects and Contacts with easy categorization.
• Personalized Bulk SMS, Bulk Email

2) Campaign Module:
• Ability to create multiple campaigns based on various criteria
• Powerful auto-dialer modes (Sweep, Prospecting and FastDial Auto dial modes)
• Do-Not-Call list maintenance
• Powerful template driven message delivery with text, voice, video or document.
• Integrated with CRM

3) Financial Module:
• Item/product creation
• Invoice creation with tax and discount 
• Send and View Invoice in pdf
• Accept Payment
• Financial Reporting
• Integrated with CRM

4) Geo-Track Module:
• Geo track any contact if address is listed
• Self Geo-Track at current location and send location details to manager’s dashboard through the app

5) Reporting Module:
• An intuitive pie chart based reporting with easy switch to tabular reporting
• Capture every action of field rep in the app and show in the report
• Easy way to assess productivity with respect to contacts assigned

MySalesDialerPro Powerful Auto Dialer is an ideal tool for Inside Sales Professionals or Field sales Agents from Real Estate, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Collection, Multi Level Marketing, Installation and Repairs Industries.