Success Stories

Listed here are some of the success stories by our customers!!

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Success Stories:


1) Communication/Messaging
John owns a small boutique firm that sells some niche products in different seasons. John need to communicate the seasonal product offering as well as keep his customers up-to-date. John would like to personalize the messages to his customers right from his smart phone. John was able to achieve this using FieldWorkMobility, where he was able to create sms and email templates and send personalized messages to his customers. He was quickly able to expand his customer base and hired more sales people to cover different geographies. He enabled all his sales people to keep constant communication to their respective customers using FieldWorkMobility.


2) Geo-Tracking
Jay owns a staffing firm where he employs recruiters and account managers to fill open positions for all his clients. Jay is on travel 4 out of 5 days for business sales. He was looking for a solution where he wanted to make sure his employees are arriving in the office on time and leaving on time(since his business model requires his staff to be working strictly during business hours). Jay found out that FieldWorkMobility Geo-Track feature can have his employees register their location from their smart phone upon check-in and check-out on a daily basis. Jay was able to see every employee data on his web dash board. This utility gave Jay a tremendous confidence in hiring and expanding his employee base and grow his business. Using FieldWorkMobility Jay was also able to validate the internal employees time card and run more accurate payroll.



3) Outbound Call Center
Lisa runs a tele sales services firm. The firm provides lead generation to her clients for various products and services. Lisa was looking for a solution where she can expand her business globally, she can run have her agents run the campaigns right from their smart phone (with or without the presence of data service), she was also looking for a solution where her cost remains low and she does not get charged for every call. She was also looking for a solution where she can manage multiple agents from a web dashboard where can can assign campaign contacts, check agent’s productivity while offering a sophisticated tool to the agents for performing their campaigns. Lisa was glad that she found FieldWorkMobility that able to fulfill her needs and expand her business globally.



4) Salesforce Integration
Nelson uses Salesforce CRM in his auto dealership, where all his agents have separate salesforce a/c. Nelson wanted to have his agents run outbound campaigns during various seasonal sales event to their respective loyal customers for new vehicle sales/lease offers. Nelson was looking for an integrated solution where his agents can download the salesforce data and run the outbound promotion campaign as well as update the salesforce crm in a realtime basis as the campaigns are being run. Nelson was able to find that FieldWorkMobility app was able to do precisely what he was looking for. As a result he was able to more sales during seasonal sales events compared his competitors.


5) Phone Book and Calendar Sync:
Susan runs an independent home healthcare service business. Her employees (nurses) visit patients to check their health condition on a periodic basis and report any adverse signs to their respective doctors/hospitals. Susan want to ensure the nurses are visiting patients on time as well as the visit reminders and tasks gets created in the nurses smart phone calendar when they create the tasks or reminders. Susan was able to achieve the service level by utilzing FieldWorkMobility, where nurses were able to maintain a separate phone for their patients as well as create task and reminders related to visits which gets sync’d with their smart phone’s native calendar. Susan was also able to geo-track her nurses on each patient visit.