Collection & Reminder Services

Improve Service Management, Customer Service and Overall  Quality & Productivity

Collection Agents are Responsible for reaching out to customers to collect payment for overdue bills, loans, or other payments. They act as the liaison between creditors and customers and manages overdue accounts. FieldWorkMobility/ MySalesDialer can play a key role in the success of debt collection agencies. It could help in increasing agent productivity as it automatically dials from a pre-loaded list of numbers and connects a call, reducing the wastage of agent's valuable time and allowing them to connect with more debtors each day.

How FieldWorkMobility/ MysalesDialer could help Collection and Reminder Services:

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    Improve collection payments by making more calls in less time:

    With the help of FieldWorkMobility/ MysalesDialer, the agents can connect with more prospects, have more conversations and set more appointments. Calling with Prospect mode will help them to update data about the customers and also save a reminder or a task.
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    Send Personalized bulk SMS and bulk Emails:

    Personalize your interaction with customers with SMS text messaging. SMS has revolutionized business marketing because its reach is undeniable and messages are practically guaranteed to be read. Send Personalized bulk SMS with just 3 simple steps. Upload a Contact List, create a SMS Template, and click send
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    Invoice Feature to ease the work:

    Agents can import the invoices in the CSV format into the app. They can view the invoice detail, the amount paid, balance pending etc. The agents can later run a campaign and make calls using an auto dialer or send SMS, emails to them.
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    Schedule reminders and Task:

    Agents can save a reminder or create a task about outstanding balances with their customers. Reminders and task could be synced with the Phone Calendar.
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    Create Quotes:

    Ability to send overdue invoices to the customers right from the application in pdf format.
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    Geo Track Field Reps:

    With the help of geo-tracker feature Manager can track the location of the agent.

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