What is Enterprise Mobility?

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Enterprise Mobility is the use of mobile technologies to enable anytime anywhere information access to employees, customers and suppliers to bring about improvements in revenue and operational performances, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.

3 decades of progress in global digital connectivity and ubiquity have led to a huge proliferation of smart phones and tablets. The expected rise of personal computers in 2015 is 2000 million from 350.8 million in 2010. Whereas, the rise of smartphones is expected to be from 296.6 million to 1,000 million in 2015.

The most preferred O.S for mobile devices is Android and will have a staggering lead over iOS by 2015 according to the Infographic by Wipro.

The top 5 industries deploying enterprise mobility are: financial services, hospitality, media and entertainment, IT and infrastructure.

3 Key challenges that deter companies from deploying enterprise mobility solutions are: Security and Compliance, Lack of Awareness of Solutions, too costly and unclear ROI.

Transformation areas for Businesses adopting Mobility are: improve employee satisfaction, improve customer satisfaction, improve employees productivity, increase inventory visibility, increase revenue generation and sales, increase order fulfillment, reduce labor and improve field services among others.

Enterprise Mobility

Canada: Exploring The Unknown

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Canada is probably one of the more popular countries in the world. With its sheer size and its diverse culture, its seems like there’s nothing more to it than convenient living, and for some, not-so-strict immigration laws. As a Canadian myself, I keep on wondering if there is more to this country than meets the eye. The idea came after our social science teacher asked our class a while ago to write an essay on canada after our discussion about the country’s geography, demography and topography. I figured out that it would be much better if I do some research on some of less known yet still interesting things about the country. To my surprise, there is still much that is to be discovered about Canada.


I was raised my whole life in this country and yet some facts about the country surprises me. For example, in Winnipeg, there exist what is called the Narcisse Snake Dens where thousands of garter snakes emerge during spring after a long period of living underground. Speaking of underground, there is a laboratory in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada which studies new forms of matter. Named SNOLAB, short for Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, it houses scientists who study dark matter physics and neutrinos. And again, speaking of tiny particles, most of the world’s supply of the element Caesium can be found here in the country- to be more specific, in Lake Manitoba. Caesium is mainly used for ultra-accurate atomic clocks.


Here’s another thing, did you know that the green ink used in printing American currencies was actually invented in Canada? Thomas Sterry Hunt came up with the green ink during his experiment in McGill University in Montreal in 1857. To think that we Canadians often receive criticisms due to out monopoly-colered currency!


6 quick wins for Enterprise Mobility

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Enterprises are moving towards Mobile solutions faster than ever. Here are 6 ways to be sure of success at Enterprise Mobility.


6 quick wiins for enterprise mobility

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