Cloud Vs OnPrem Solution

Ever since the cloud technology has introduced, business has acquired countless increase in profit. Hence it encourages all size business to switch to cloud-based software. The businesses which rely on call center to reach out to customers and provide them services, they got a solution with cloud based software. Text to voice app is widely used software that enable these call center customer service people to set up a voice and messaging the same to their customers that smartly replaces the need for conventional telephone call, make by a person at other side.

Simply put a voice over messages, allows you to make more calls in one go, also making sure that no lead left unattended at any point of time. This feature also reduces the need of extra men power and system to use. It reduces the cost of infrastructure too.

Benefits of cloud based mobile app in InsideSales:

  1. Reduce pressure on central office: Once you opt the cloud based mobile software. It allows you to access the server from anywhere in the world. Hence one can easily bifurcate/ decentralize the offices and reduce the work load at one place. Also it allows you to cover as many lead as possible from each country all over the world.

         It allows you to distribute your work load to different salesforce working from different locations.


  1. Pay when needed: Since it is cloud based mobile apps, it based on subscription, so at any point when you feel you do not need it, you can stop using it, without any extra charge to remove the server or any other related stuff. Hence you can reuse your money in InsideSales work.
  2. It Provides Better CRM (Customer Relationship Management): With help of cloud based mobile apps you can get the best way to organize and manage the customer data and hence follow up call, setting up call reminder and managing the lead list are become very easy. These apps are very handy and easy to use that enables you to manage your customers.

             In any call center it is usual to get the same issue with different customer. In such cases you are ready with solution whenever same is coming again as cloud based CRM application provides you to keep track record of all customer’s issues.


  1. Flexible As Per Business Size: Cloud based software are very flexible. To inculcate this lets take an example, if there is a start up business and initially they have 10 agents to reach to leads in such case business needs to take the subscription of such cloud based mobile app as per their need. Later on they can increase or decrease too.