Tool for Telesales Representative

Tool for Telesales Representative:


The key goals of a Telesales Representative are listed below:


· Turn prospects to leads and leads to clients.

· Follow script to determine customer needs and interest in scheduling an appointment.

· Confirm appointments scheduled by email or a follow up call.

· Track outcome of appointments scheduled.

· Respond appropriately (rebuttal) to soft objections or concerns from customer.

· Must meet and maintain performance standards without compromising quality/confirmation requirements.

· Follow up with the leads and close sales, update to the Team Lead.





Gain an essential new personal productivity tool

· Get daily leads and share updates with the Team Leader/Manager.

· Ability to make 100s of calls with one touch of a button without punching in any phone number.

· Liberty of working from any time, any where.

· Ability to send E-mails and Messages anytime, anywhere.

· Performance updates to the Team Lead/manager.

· Be more productive on your terms - wherever, whenever.  Never be away from your customer.

· Works the way you want it to work – the familiar look & feel of Dynamics CRM as a native application on your mobile device.

· More customer-facing time, less time on administrative tasks.

· Complete key business processes while in the field.

· Eliminate the need to return to the office at the end of day to enter updates into the CRM system.

· Make better use of downtime.

· Be armed with real-time information prior to and during a customer visit such as account details, maintenance contracts, support history, current outstanding support incidents, product information, pricing and offers.

· Take immediate action – initiate orders, schedule or escalate service calls for customers while you meet with them and update your sales forecast.

· Gain confidence with a best-in-class enterprise mobile CRM infrastructure that is adaptive, secure, easily managed, rapidly deployed and cost-effective.


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