Installation & Repair services

Improve Service Management, Customer Service and Overall  Quality & Productivity

Dispatching a technician to install or fix customer's equipment ? Improve the engineer's productivity with our FieldWorkMobility CRM/WFM tool. Managers can effectively utilize the field reps by using features like:

How FieldWorkMobility/ MysalesDialer could help Installation & Repair Services:

  • 01

    Attach Images/ Video:

    The agents can take a snap of finished work and attach to the contact detail. They can also take a video testimonial of their customers or take a video of the work done and attach it to the contact detail. An audio note can also be useful if the language is the barrier to communication.
  • 02

    Send Personalized bulk SMS and bulk Emails:

    Personalize your interaction with customers with SMS text messaging. SMS has revolutionized business marketing because its reach is undeniable and messages are practically guaranteed to be read. Send Personalized bulk SMS with just 3 simple steps. Upload a Contact List, create a SMS Template, and click send
  • 03

    Build Customer loyalty

    Send personalized bulk SMS or bulk Email to all the customers reminding them about the upcoming appointment.
  • 04

    Schedule reminders and Task:

    Any reminders? No need to worry. Save reminder in the app for a particular contact and sync it with the Phone Calendar.
  • 05

    Create Quotes:

    Create instant PDF quotes and can email them straight to your customer.
  • 06

    Geo Track Field Reps:

    With the help of geo-tracker feature Manager can track the location of the agent.

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