Insurance Services

Improve Service Management, Customer Service and Overall  Quality & Productivity

FieldWorkMobility/ MySalesDialer is helping Insurance Sales Reps to manage their day to day activities effectively and achieve a higher level of proficiency in half the time. It helps sales Reps by offering them features like Powerful Auto-Dialer (with various calling modes), Personalized Bulk SMS, email, audio, video and document template, Intuitive Reporting with automatic capturing of every action, Financial and Accounting module and keeping their manager informed with real time geo tracking and much more.

How FieldWorkMobility/MysalesDialer could help Insurance Agents:

  • 01

    Dial more number of Calls:

    With the help of FieldWorkMobility/ MysalesDialer, the agents can connect with more prospects, have more conversations and set more appointments. Calling with Prospect mode will help them to update data about the customers and also save a reminder or a task. Agents can also notify customers about a promotion or a deal using Bulk SMS, Email, Audio, Video templates.
  • 02

    Send Personalized bulk SMS and bulk emails to contacts:

    Personalize your interaction with customers with SMS text messaging. SMS has revolutionized business marketing because its reach is undeniable and messages are practically guaranteed to be read. Send Personalized bulk SMS with just 3 simple steps. Upload a Contact List, create a SMS Template, and click send.
  • 03

    Build Customer loyalty

    by Sending text reminders about policy change or Improve customer relationships with personalized greetings such as New-year, Christmas messages & promotions or Send a reminder about the payment notification.
  • 04

    Work from Anywhere

    and stay organized: Managers can create an account on fieldworkmobility dashboard, register the agents under his/her account and allocate leads to them specifically. Using Fieldworkmobility agents can work from anywhere home or office.
  • 05

    View Real-time performance reports:

    Managers can also track the agent's activity working in the different location with the help of Reporting and geo-tracking feature. Agents can also view their daily activity report on the app.
  • 06

    Schedule reminders and Task:

    Agents can save reminder or create a task for their customers about policy renewal, payment due date etc. Reminders and task could be synced with the Phone Calendar.

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